All Sports Golf Battle 2 | M.d. Trick Shots

Okay guys this is all sports golf battle – here we go I want to be starting it off here with my baseball where do you weak throw and let’s go this ball this is my second shot with the frisbee top Frank this is my third shot with the football not on the green yet folks this is my fourth.

Soccer ball oh that was a good kick not bad wanna throw that was a good throw okay guys.

And he makes it me and him will go into a tiebreaker for first and if he misses it then he and Michael will go into a tiebreaker for second and third let’s see what will happen and their oles will go into a tiebreaker for first place Michael is eliminated let’s go I was a decent shot wasn’t the best but also wasn’t the worst so much let’s go three shots hey guys like this video make sure to LIKE and.

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