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Um person what’s up guys welcome to the FA DPAs GB first annual dude perfect all sport combat the rules of this battle are simple uses sport then lose it the two players with the lowest scores move on to the finale with an incredible hole like this there’s no telling what’s gonna happen alrighty your purse on the tee box.

Over I’m still thing he’s confident high-risk high-reward we’re playing the ball not the back right I just got excited I think the bats in the rough balls in the fairway that’s all that matters all right cork you’re.
Up so many options he’s played it safe.

Barely made it into the room it’s kind of like being in a restaurant and you weren’t paying attention to the menu until the moment came fully followed every time I had a double one game going vortex set up for national soccer shot we found it told my purple hozier fans out there I’ve never waivered wait we’re to go I’m gonna need everyone’s help finding that beware of rattlesnakes ya know just hop on in just watch for the Rattlers I might struggle to decide what.

I want for dinner but I always know what I want for dessert tennis time is fine hi hey be an athlete Sam my bags didn’t lighter and if you can turn around once you use it you gotta lose it I’m going soccer Corinne I played when we were in kindergarten over here I told you I wasn’t gonna get laughs the purple.

Hoes are back in contention that’ll just make you giggle inside folks if a referee.
On-site and in between the branches where your ball is this.
what inside the stick yeah no or yes wannabe ass I’d say I’m about sixty out pins in the back probably about a three-quarter vortex throw for me put it just close to.

Step up sink a putt and I’m in the finals I will say I’m nervous about the pudding you know I’ve never put it with a hobby stuff but I’m focused on the finale he’s on the green very nice oh man if I get up-and-down right here is my vortex putt in that leaves me at 7 if he three putts he ties and we.

Gonna put off no pressure no pressure I gave myself a chance baby oh my gracious you hit the stick all I got left right here oh no no poor it big turn of events for.

Glory it was mark your ball you’re in his way yeah yeah put your ball break up that ball fact I’m terrible at putting so we read it nothing that ever mattered he’s almost guaranteed to advance to the finals the hockey.

Stick so it is awkward sync up Oh I’m safely in the championship Garrett and Cody are tied we must do a putt off to see who will be in the championship with me oh if Garrett sinks this.

In the ship it is time for the main event here in purple tie there in red boys let’s keep it clean grab your sport and let’s get at it Garrett has his key.

Box on the par 3 the knobs with a little soft ball soft on Oh mine just slid like a beauty gear heavey drama tuner Falls just got.

A step up sink a putt for the big if not I gotta put it close what is he doing talk about opening the door alright folks it all comes down to this close ties away just short the doors open people okay all right garrison sink this putt he’s the old sport golf that.

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