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AllconsumingThumbI am an addict. But it’s not the tipple and the smoke. I consume movies, books and music by the dozen. I am also pretty aware of the latest movie to watch or the book climbing up the bestseller charts. Even then sometimes I find myself peeking at what the person across me on the subway is reading. These impolite manners come from voracious consumption.

That’s the term Allconsuming throws back at us. Consumption can mean being taken in by a movie, a book, music, food or anything else for that matter.

The site asks you – what are you consuming? It may be a book, a movie, music, food, drink or something else like gizmos, places, people etc. Using the free web service you can not only catalog your collection and track these items but more importantly, have other users suggest options or a new item to you. You can choose to accept or reject this suggestion.

Working Together With A Community

catalog your collection

Using the voice of the community to catalog, track and suggest is of course, not novel. We see it in recommendation boards and forums. We have seen it before in web applications like Wakoopa (for software), Shelfari (for books), 43Things (for goals) or even Amazon which is a marketplace with a community. Every site has to make a place for community recommendations.

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Allconsuming thus gives me, that starved-of-information guy, some new hints to explore. Also, I can catalog all that I am reading, watching or hearing online. The second reason is not that important as the former. The suggestions from the community of users are backed up by what they have liked or disliked about the items. So, I get to review the items before I choose to download or buy it.

Two Things Which Make Allconsuming Worth A Visit

First, it is a sibling site of 43Things which has a vibrant community of its own. Second, Allconsuming lets me catalog a lot of things instead of limiting me to just books or music. So a person with multiple interests can make all his collections on one website.

Going In…

What caught my eye though was its one of a kind navigation menu. Check it out – Gestalt by the way means “˜wholeness’”¦something which cannot be described as the sum of its parts. On the site it’s the place where all recent activities get logged. Huh? is simply the FAQ section.

Login is the word I understand and this is where I first headed to create my account and get into the site.

catalog music collection

You can start off by giving suggestions to others on what to consume or head over to your section by clicking on Your Consumption. Entering what you are consuming is easy. Type it in the search bar and select one that matches from the results. Just mention the stage you are on with the said item by clicking on one choice in the What Say You box.


If you have already consumed this, you can give your opinion on it through a simple dropdown selection.

catalog your music collection

If you are in the process of consuming it or plan to consume it in the future, you can see how others have rated it and if they have made special mention of it by way of reviews or favorite lists.

All items posted on Allconsuming are public. The above preliminary steps are necessary to put your collection and activities in front of the community. You can add little notes to ask or say something about your choices. You can also tag items and browse items by tag.

The most vocal way is to ask the community directly. Put together a description of what you are searching for and put it out.


The real fun of the site lies in the “˜Should List’. The first step is to catalog your collection of what you plan to read, listen or watch in the “˜should list’. Anyone else who comes across your page can add items to your list. Usually this will done by people who share your tastes. Just as they will give suggestions via your own should list”¦so can you on theirs. It’s a mutual social activity.


The easiest way to meet people with common items is to follow the items themselves. Generally tastes overlap and thus, you might make a lot of chance discoveries.

Common Interests Are Ice Breakers

Allconsuming is less about cataloging though, and more about finding new things through shared tastes. In the end, it is also about making social connections with the help of shared tastes.

In the end we get two things from Allconsuming – something new to “˜consume’ and a few new friends.

Do you think it’s a good bargain?

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