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Amazon Releases Cloud Drive Photos App For iPhone [Updates]

Similar to cloud-based storage and sharing sites such as Dropbox and Google Drive, Amazon has now added a way to backup photos to Amazon Cloud Drive via its new Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app for iPhone, which joins the existing Cloud Drive apps for and Android, Windows and Mac.

Amazon Cloud Drive provides users with 5GB of free storage space, which Amazon says is enough to store up to 2,000 photos. Your cloud account allows you to access and browse your photos on your supporting devices, including the latest generation of Kindle Fire. Extra storage is fairly priced, with 20GB available for $10 a year, 50GB for $25, and 100GB for $50 a year.

Cloud Drive also includes an auto-save feature, which, if enabled, automatically uploads copies of your new and existing photos from your iPhone or Android to your Amazon Cloud Drive account upon launching the app. The upload works in the background, but unfortunately does not currently include automatic upload of videos. You can also upload photos manually by tapping each one individually.

Cloud Drive apps maintain the album structure of your mobile devices, and you can delete, as well as share photos to Facebook, Twitter, or email. In the app’s settings, you can view the available storage in your Drive account, enable or disable auto-save, or choose whether or not to only upload photos when connected to Wi-Fi.

Like similar cloud-storage services and mobile apps, Amazon Cloud Drive is a great way to preserve your photos while on the go, and can be done automatically by simply launching the app on your mobile device.

Source: Mashable

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