Anonymous Migrants Buried In South Africa

One by one, five to a grave, the coffins are buried in a South Africancemetery.

They are mostly unidentifiedmigrants.

The AP’s investigation found that since 2014, more than 43,00 unidentified bodies have been buried in South Africa.

For decades, migrants have flocked to SouthAfrica hoping for a better future.

The country has Africa’s largest migrant population.
The bodies of thousands ofunidentified dead migrants are brought to amortuary, where fingerprints.
None of them appear in anyinternational database.
Some where, their families are caught betweenhope and mourning. Zimbabwean Banele Nkomo wonders what happened to herbrother. Francis Nkomo is one among many who enterJohannesburg and disappear without a trace. He vanished in 2008, and has never been seen again. His sister has been hoping for a sign of life.

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