Anti-junta groups crash government websites

The two groups and fellow netizens attacked the websites by constantly pressing the F5 key on computer keyboards to refresh the Web pages, causing long delays and crashes.

V for Vendetta has been reactivated to oppose the military-installed government.

The government is not being truthful about the purpose of the national referendum, the group said.

V for Vendetta said its members would vote against the charter in the referendum. In 2013, the group had called on the military to oust the Shinawatra government.

Its symbol, a white mask, is inspired by the movie “V for Vendetta” (2005), which depicted a people’s movement against a corrupt government. The anti-single gateway group came into existence late last year when the government proposed the move, which was widely seen as an attempt to crack down on anti-military groups.

In a related development, yesterday’s planned silent protest at the BTS Chong Nonsi skywalk failed to materialise after only one person showed up.

That person, Sirawith Serithiwat, barely spent a minute at the site unsuccessfully calling for people to stand beside him. Clearly upset, Sirawith called the activity off, saying: “If no one joins me…

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