Apple 2.0 Makes Purchases Easier [News]

If you have ever visited a local Apple store, you know how relatively easy it is to walk up to any store clerk and make your purchase without standing in line or even waiting for a receipt. Provide your payment card and Apple ID and you’re good to go. Well, Apple is now making it even easier for you to spend your money.

This week, Apple has updated its Apple Store app with three ways to make purchases. First, there’s Personal Pickup, which allows you to select products in the app and pick up in-stock orders at any designated Apple Store “within an hour.” This feature though is only available in the U.S..

Another app feature is EasyPay. Instead of walking to a clerk and waiting for him or her to pull our their iPhone “cash register”, you scan the barcode of any store accessories and complete ¬†your transaction right from within the app. This is also a U.S. only feature, requiring iPhone 4 or 4S.

Now even before this EasyPay feature, I have made in-store Apple purchases and walked out without a receipt or Apple bag in hand. So how you make a purchase with your own phone and walk out of the store will be an interesting experience.

The Apple Store app also allows you to view the status of current and previous orders from the order status in the More tab of the app. Plus there’s additional international support for Canada and China.

These new features require iOS 4.2 or higher to work.

Source: Ars technica

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