Apple is Offering Free Replacement For 1st Generation iPod Nano [News]

As rare as it is for Apple to publicly admit a malfunction, this one is too big to overlook. According to Apple, the batteries of some first generation iPod nanos may overheat and become a safety risk. While this is a rare occurrence, Apple has decided not to take risks this time. If you own a first gen iPod nano, check out Apple’s replacement program.

The iPods in question are ones that were manufactured between September 2005 and December 2006, and they are all traced back to a single supplier which apparently produced faulty batteries. To help you decide whether you own the right iPod nano, you can check if it has a plastic black or white front and a silver metal back. If it does, you’re holding a 1st gen Nano.


If you think you own one of the faulty devices, you can use Apple’s wizard to enter its serial number and see whether you should send it back for a new one. The program is only offered in 20 countries, and you’d need to choose your country before you can enter your serial number. If you are eligible, you will receive your new device approximately 6 weeks after Apple receives your faulty Nano. Note that if your iPod is engraved, the replacement unit will not have the engraving.

Don’t forget to back up your iPod fully before sending it out!

Source: TUAW

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