Apple Mini Mac Late 2012 Version (need Help)

Hi everybody out there in YouTube land I was asking today for a little bit of help with my iPad Mini Mac it is a late 2012 version and I’ve had it for about 2 3 years and it has worked flawlessly up until about a week or so ago I went and turned it on and I noticed I got.

This message on the screen it says bluetooth mouse or trackpad setup there isn’t a wireless mouse or trackpad connected now I have been using this same set up.

This is the first time this message available come up I thought there may have been a problem I’m using a Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard so I figured I said well.
Maybe the batteries or something like that could.

Be dead in the mouse or the keyboard so I changed those this mess is still continued and it will not let me be on the screen it’s like it’s looking for a Bluetooth device and there is not a Bluetooth device that is connected to it it’s only the wireless mouse a keyboard by Logitech and I have it plugged into my zoom back out a little bit so.

You can see a little bit better have it plugged into my Samsung 49 inch curved television and it works quite well with it very very pleased with the setup but I just can’t get beyond the screen and the mouse and the keyboard is no longer responded I even tried a wired mouse.

And I still got the same message I don’t know if there’s something that I did our inverter did that I’m not aware of but I was asking all your tech gurus anybody’s that’s.

Familiar with the Mac Mini if you can offer me any type of assistance with this to get my machine.

Back up and running I would greatly appreciate it as you can see it’s at the home page everything is working fine working just like it has before but now I have that message and my keyboard and mouse is no longer responding if.

You could leave a comment down in the in the comment section for any thoughts or.

Ideas as to what may be causing this and how I can rectify it I will greatly appreciate it thank all you youtubers out there talk to you later.

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