Apple Posts Update for Mail Client Fixing Compatibility Issues With Gmail

On Thursday afternoon, Apple finally issued an update for its OS X 10.9 Mail client, which was having stability and compatibility issues for users with custom Gmail account settings.

This most recent Mavericks update also includes bug fixes and improvement to iBooks, and it follows another recent update of iTunes 11.1 which resolves issues with the equalizer and adds support for Arabic and Hebrew.


Apple states on its support page that the Mail update fixes issues that prevents deleting, moving, and archiving messages for users with custom Gmail settings. It also addresses an issue that may cause unread counts to be inaccurate, as well as improving the overall stability of Mail.

This TidBITS article outlines a laundry lists of original problems with how Mail under Mavericks handled Gmail accounts, including issues with archiving messages, the failure of Mail’s Inbox to stay synced with Gmail’s Inbox on its web client and with Gmail accounts in iOS devices.

Installing the Update

As with most major updates, Apple recommends that you back your system, preferably using Time Machine, before starting the download process. If the OS Software doesn’t immediately show up in the Mac Store App, click on the Apple icon in the menu bar and select Software Update. The updates will require Mail and iTunes to be closed before the process begins. The updates does not require a reboot of your computer.

Apple says a standalone manual update installer can be downloaded for the purposes of updating multiple Macs.

Source: Macworld

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