Apple Releases iTunes 11 With Re-design, Mini-Player, And New Navigation Controls [Updates]

Apple just released version 11 of iTunes, nearly a month after it was originally scheduled to release. The new cross-platform Mac and PC update includes a significant re-design to the user interface, plus new and expanded features designed to make the application easier to use.

Also for the first time, the iTunes 11 update can be downloaded through the Mac App Store instead of via the application itself, or directly from the Apple website. Over the years iTunes has expanded well beyond a music player. It now serves as a mobile app and iBooks store, as well as a video rental and DVD download outlet.

When you launch the new update, you definitely see differences in the design. It sports a cleaner, more minimalist look, with emphasis on album covers rather than playlists.

Clicking on an album reveals its song list, and play controls.

The background color for the list of songs matches the primary colors of the album itself. Clicking on the “In the Store” button reveals other songs and albums by the selected artist or group. This new feature keeps both the user’s iTunes library and the Store open and accessible at the same time.

The mini player for iTunes has also been expanded so that users get a list of upcoming songs, the ability to search songs, switch to Air Play, as well as the ability to favorite songs and add them to existing playlists.

MakeUseOf will have a full review of iTunes 11 posted soon.

Source: Mashable

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