AppSplit: Buy & Sell iOS Source Codes

If you have a great idea for a mobile app, you might be raring to get it launched now. However, there are lots of things that go into it – from coding, to testing, and then to actually selling it. Appsplit is a cool developers’ marketplace for finished and unfinished apps. Appsplit facilitates the buying and selling of source codes and rights while also taking care of marketing and support through their Split Program.

ios source code

This alternative App marketplace works with people bidding for apps. To bid for an app, you must first load money to your account, and visit the “Open Auctions” section. From that page, you can also view the items with bids/offers, scheduled auctions, sold items, fees calculator, and more. This allows app developers to create apps without starting from scratch or improve old apps that have great potential.

You can also submit apps for selling in the open auction, or sell it through Appsplit using the Split Program. With this intuitive system, Appsplit handles the marketing, support, and management of your apps, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Appsplit can also handle upgrading your apps with new feature requests.


With all this, Appsplit basically brokers iOS apps’ source codes. This is especially useful for developers who do not have the resources to complete the app project they just started but want to cash in for the work they have done. In addition, this tool is also perfect for mobile web developers who want to add an element in their existing app from the source codes of other apps.


  • Buy and sell source codes for iOS apps.
  • Bid on apps or sell through auction.
  • Submit your app to the Split Program without going through auction.
  • Manage your app promotions through the Split Program.
  • Increase the sales of your apps.

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