Are You A Paperless Person? [MakeUseOf Poll]


Last week’s MakeUseOf Poll looked at How Do You Access The Internet When You Travel? It seems that the majority of our readers are using a netbook or laptop to connect to the internet while on the go. Second place was held by smart phone users connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

I figured with the number of smart phones out there nowadays that most people would be using them to connect to the net while away from home but the small screens obviously hinder user performance.

You can see the full responses below:


This week we are asking our readers if they are paperless. Paperless is a term referring to the green goals of the future where no one has to print anything. Everything is digital from bills to invoices to financial documents. I know I have made an effort to stop getting snail mail bills. Yet some places still do not offer paperless billing options.┬áSome people will not stay with a company that doesn’t offer paperless options.

So we are asking you where you are with becoming a paperless person. Let us know now in the poll below!


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