At least 127 Malaysians stranded at airports in Turkey

ULAANBAATAR: At least 127 Malaysians are now stranded at two airports in Turkey, following a military coup attempt and an enforcement of a no-fly zone in the country, said Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi.

He said of that number, 27 Malaysians from the Kelantan Islamic Foundation were stranded at the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul while more than 100 Malaysians, on transit after an umrah trip, were now at the Esenboğa International Airport in Ankara.

He said most of those stranded were either on transit to a third country such as Egypt or returning from performing umrah.

“These figures are what we have got so far (as of 12pm Malaysian time). They are stranded after the no-fly zone and flight cancellations are d…

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