Attikis: A Free Home Alarm Monitoring System

If you have installed a burglar alarm system in your home, then you’ve probably invested upwards of $300/year for your alarm monitoring system. If you want to cut the costs, you should try Attikis. This tool allows you to configure your burglar alarm to call their servers and give you free ongoing monitoring, and instead of a yearly maintenance fee, you only pay for phone and SMS credits when they have to notify you of a possible intrusion.


Using Attikis is very simple. Just configure your home security alarm system to call Attikis. Then you just need to define what action should be taken when the alarm is triggered. You can configure Attikis to notify you by SMS, phone, and e-mail. You can also check the status of your home wherever you are in the world with your profile dashboard.

Attikis offers free and paid accounts. A free account only offer beeps, and phone-only notification, while the paid accounts add SMS and e-mail notification as well as auto-redial to prevent missed calls. Attikis is a cool tool for anyone who need a solid notification system for their home alarm at a fraction of the cost.

For more info watch demo video:


  • Save money as a alternative home monitoring system.
  • Easily configure your alarm system to call Attikis.
  • Set-up response rules for your to phone, SMS, and e-mail.
  • Free and paid options available.
  • Similar Tool: UGOlog and HighlightCam.

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