Author: James Bruce


Weekend Project: Build A Giant Led Pixel Display

I love LED pixels: bright, easy to control, cheap, and so versatile. My last project was an Ambilight TV backlight, but generally I’m just in love with intelligent lighting. Today, we’ll be turning them into...


6 Reasons To Dive In The Maldives – Youqueen

The Maldives is easily one of the top diving destinations in the world. But why are non-divers flocking to these far-flung islands, too? Nestled between the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, the Maldives...

10 Most Pirated Games Of All Time 0

10 Most Pirated Games Of All Time

While we would never endorse piracy, it’s fair to say that the best games get downloaded more than others. In fact, games that are well pirated generally mirror their performance in the retail world...