Automatically Switch Between Sound And Power Profiles With Smart Settings [android 2.1+]

android switch profileIn a perfect world, our smartphones would know exactly when they should be silent, when they need to remind us of things, and when they should conserve battery. By default, however, our phones don’t do this, and there haven’t been any apps which can change the phone’s settings for us.

As I reviewed before, there is Microsoft’s on{X} which triggers events based on different criteria, but on{X} concentrates itself on things like notifying you about the weather or sending a text message to a loved one when you’re on your way home. There hasn’t been an app which automatically changes your phone’s behavior.

About Smart Settings

At least, that’s been the case until now. “Smart Settings” is an app for Android 2.1+ smartphones which focuses on changing your phone’s behaviors at certain moments. Primarily, it lets you change between different profiles set up within the app when certain triggers are met. This means that, as an example, if you’re at work, your phone will automatically set itself to silent. If the battery is low, it’ll turn on battery-saving strategies, such as a lower brightness and quicker screen timeout.


android switch profile
On first launch, you’ll notice exactly how simple the app is to use. There’s only three tabs you need to look at, and all of them are painless. The first tab lets you add new profiles or change the default ones.

switch profiles automatically android
Tapping on a profile shows you everything which you can configure, which is quite a bit. You can change which services such as GPS or 3G/4G are enabled, how loud your ringtone is and what tone it should be, other types of notification sounds, and whether auto-sync should be enabled. There’s also an Advanced section which controls your alarm sounds, display (including wallpaper), and other sounds.


switch profiles automatically android
When you head over to the Events tab, you’ll notice that there are currently three different types of events which you can use to trigger the use of different profiles. As of right now, these include the battery level, the highest priority event which automatically changes to the battery saver profile, WiFi, and time. With WiFi, you can choose which profiles will be used when you’re connected to certain WiFi networks.

This WiFi mechanism is currently the only way which profiles can be used based on location, but hopefully GPS support will be added in the future. With the time event, you can choose at which times the app should automatically switch to a different profile. Out of the three events, time has the lowest priority.


android switch profile
Last but not least is the settings tab, where you can choose to enable or disable a notification utility. This bar will place itself in your notications as a quick way to manually change between profiles on the go. There are a few other settings pertaining to this utility, but there’s also an unrelated “WiFi disconnection delay time”, which is just how long the app should wait after you’ve lost connection to a WiFi network before it actually switches profiles.

This is great in case you accidentally lose connection to the WiFi network for a short period of time or if you’d like to allow yourself enough time to get away from the location before the phone switches profiles.


Getting “Smart Settings” on your Android device is simple without any additional requirements. Simply follow this link in your mobile or desktop browser or search for “Smart Settings” in the Google Play store. The app should be installed and ready to go in just a few moments.


I find “Smart Settings” to be a fantastic app because it’s extremely useful despite its overall simplicity. It doesn’t have a whole lot of mind-blowing functionality, but it does exactly what it’s meant to do. The app also has a small system footprint, so there’s no issue in installing this app. With so many people going to school or work, this can surely be beneficial to many people.

How helpful do you think this app is for you? What would you like to see added to this app? Let us know in the comments!

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