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Hello and welcome or welcome back recently I asked you guys if you wanted to hear more about how my husband and I budget and a lot of you said yes none of you said no so I will be making that video soon but before I do I thought it would be good to step back a little and talk.

More generally about personal finance I think that personal finance and minimalism go hand-in-hand for a lot of reasons a few of which or that one as I’ve decluttered a lot of my possessions I’ve taken note of all of the things that I’ve purchased and never used and therefore wasted a lot of money on.

But more important than that I think is that minimalism teaches us to be mindful and until too recently I definitely was not my fault when it came to personal finances on June 26th of this year 2018.

Were having a conversation about money and the gist of the conversation was that neither of us knew anything about money but we wanted to change that since that time in less than four months my husband and I have paid off our cars we’re debt-free.

Except for our house we’ve built a six month emergency fund and were able to save a lot more money than we used to that’s a huge deal for me so today I thought I would share the personal finance best practices that I picked up.

Along the way and that have helped us to dig our way out of debt the first thing I did was to start educating myself I mentioned the started with.

A conversation where my friend and I realized we knew nothing about money and so we decided to read a book together now I.

Really had no idea where to start but I remembered a video here on YouTube I’m at de Bella I’ll link up below where he said that the first book on personal finance that he read was called the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey it looks like this and it has a dust jacket on the heart covers that you can remove if you don’t want everyone.

To know you’re reading a book by this guy now this is a best-seller I am NOT without criticism of this book but I do think that it gave me a solid foundational understanding of personal finance now you don’t have to start here you can watch other videos or listen to podcast.

Or go to any bookstore and go browse the personal finance section until you find a title that resonates with you I don’t think it’s as important where do you start so much as that you start and the reason I think it’s really important is that money can seem really esoteric it’s not but it can definitely feel that way.

And for me not understanding money or the risks involved led me for a long time to in action and in action can be.

Very expensive so if you’re a total beginner like me start here or start wherever you feel like it but give yourself that basic foundational knowledge of personal finance it.

Can be incredibly motivating of course educational and really help to lift that veil of not knowing that can prevent us from reaching our financial goals speaking of financial goals next thing I did was to.

Set some financial goals and I particularly think that near-term financial goals are important but we’ll get to those in a minute so saving is a means to an end just like decluttering is a means to an end and if you don’t know.

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