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As a recent father, I know there are hidden difficulties behind the task of choosing your baby’s name. Besides your likes and dislikes, you would also want to find out what name stands for, it’s history and the origin. One of the sites you should check out is It is a comprehensive resource that lists thousands of names, using this site you will be able to find out things like; name meanings, origin, popularity and more.

what name stands for

You can either search the meaning of an name you know or look for a new name in its various categorized lists. Possibilities are countless, here is the list of things you can do:

  • Names Browser: Search for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Indian, Irish, Mythology, Biblical, African, much more names…
  • All About name meanings and origins: You can browse names and their meanings (etymology and history), search for etymological elements in given names, see a list of languages, browse other topics in the glossary, read articles and current events about names, there are also frequently asked questions about names
  • Popular Names: See the most popular names for births in different countries and years.
  • Namesakes: Find which famous people share their first name with you.
  • Name Days: Search for names associated with the days of the year
  • Interaction & Tools: Message Boards: categorized boards for posting messages, Polls: create and browse polls, Name Translator: search names translation from English to almost any language, Submit a Name help them improve their database
  • Fun Stuff: Random Renamer, Anagram Names, Name Themes, Names For Twins
  • Name of the Day

name meanings and origins

MakeUseOf has covered several other baby naming sites easrlier, see Nymbler, NamepediA and What A Lovely Name.

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