Best Affordable Natural Lashes | Ardell Eyelashes Dupes | Aliexpress Eyelashes Haul Best Price!

Hi guys thank you so much for tuning in my channel I’m back with another video and today’s video is going to be a short one I’m going to share with you more lashes that I bought from Aliexpress so I’m always looking for cheap affordable lashes and al Express is the best place to find cheap affordable lashes so I.

Found the seller that makes dupes for their lashes and the 100% human hair lashes and they’re handmade so I picked up two different styles I picked up the whispies and I also picked up the 217 but they have all the dupes for their lashes and they.

Also have main clashes and I’ve been enjoying wearing natural lashes that make lashes with this once their nature al there is it where.

You don’t even have to trip them they’re lightweight and they’re natural hair so you can reuse them if you.

Want and what I really love about them is that you can get 12 lashes for six dollars I mean I spend more than that just for one box of Elah lashes so it’s super amazing it’s super for a book and I managed to get 24 lashes for.

$12 and I’ve already ordered other different styles from these sellers they’re on their way and for delivery took less than a month to get set up because so they’re fast shipping as well so if you’re interested I will leave all the information in the description box below so you guys can check them out and if you like this video don’t forget to give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys on the next one bye.

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