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If you’re a blogger looking for quality content or RSS obsessed dude searching for perfect feeds this post is for you. Here I quickly outline how you can customize each of these 3 jumbo sites to deliver not only what’s popular but also highly relevant to what you like or write about.

Digg is an awesome news resource which many of us got so used to that we can’t imagine web without it. It also got so big that adding couple from its categories to your feedreader may result in a massive overflow. On the other hand you don’t want to miss anything that might be relevant to your blog or whatever obsession you may have. There is one thing you can do though, following tip shows how you can generate custom Digg feed that filters popular stories based on your needs. I have already covered this here so I’ll be sharp.

  1. say you want to stay tuned on all promoted stories about ‘firefox’
  2. for that go to the search page and enter search details in the following format
  3. once search is complete, locate RSS icon and get feed address for the page
  4. after you add it to a feedreader, any promoted story with ‘firefox’ in the title will be in your feed
  5. repeat the process for other other relevant keywords(vista, iphone, design, Mac…etc)
Everyone familiar with delicious knows about its ‘popular’ page. It’s located at and shows most bookmarked links at any given moment. Anything that receives high number of bookmarks in a short period of time appears there. Delicious also lets you view popular links for any given keyword(or tag), which can be found under ‘‘. So, same thing here simply identify relevant keywords and get feeds for each of them

  1. let’s assume one of these words is ‘firefox’ 🙂
  2. popular ‘firefox’ tagged bookmarks located at ‘’
  3. once you’re on this page scroll down to the bottom of the page and locate RSS icon
  4. see where it points to and add it to your feedreader
  5. repeat it for all relevant keywords

With several millions of active users SU is another great resource for quality content. You can see what’s buzzing on SU by visiting its Buzz page. Here you can select relevant categories(technology, humor, entertainment…etc), get matching feeds and add them to your reader. If you select more then one category I recommend getting separate feeds for each of them rather then one for both.

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