Best Iphone Xs/xs Max Cases

These are what I deem the best cases for the iPhone tennis and tennis max available right now there’s grippy leather and even one that smells really good so let’s check it out starting off with the cases that are barely there slim cases we’re also gonna hide the runner-up cases alongside the best of each category this one goes to.

The spigen thin fit my favorite slim case for the past few iPhones a super thin hardshell case but it’s this matte black finish that gets me every time it’s soft grippy and I just want to touch it all day the case is so slim you barely even notice it’s there but what counts is it makes.

The whole foam varible to hold if you’re single and ready to mingle the cases all you need because it’s like holding a tushy it’s oddly.

Addicting there’s a raised camera lip to keep your lens from a direct contact otherwise just a thin bezel around the front screen don’t buy this expecting a savior you want it for this and only this so if you want to stay as soon.

As possible but still want that extra grip as an added bonus the inside has a little area to store a metal plate for your fancy car docks like being an amazing slim case wasn’t enough on its own or something my runner-up is for those who want to flaunt their money the ESR.

Slim TPU case will do just that a single piece of rubber or flexible and nothing but clear on the inside is a dot matrix that helps prevent that water marking effect.

While still allowing that infamous Apple logo to shine through otherwise the case is expected for a slim piece of rubber buttons are covered in super slim it does have a glossy finish so it’s something to keep in mind for you hand sweaters but it’s also so thin that it doesn’t make holding your phone any harder again a camera left but otherwise don’t expect anything more than that they’ll provide scratch resistance at most so I highly recommend pairing your favorite scuba doctor with it that’s just.

A trade off for some cases next my best kickstand cases starting with my favorite the ESR kickstand case simply.

Thanks to this hunk of metal a two-piece case with a matte texture around back with a rubber shell inside that it won’t crease up or show off your sweaty fingers as easily but this hump right here is.

The real winner it slides open with friction holds in place fairly well and when stood in landscape mode it can be adjusted to different.

Angles thanks to the stiff arm that holds the weight of the phone in place if you’re also into like FaceTime calls and stuff then yes it can be used in portrait mode to the sides of the case offer slight texture not game-changing but nice to have for your fingers to feel up the rest of the case is as expected though buttons covered proper port cutouts and protection where it counts that hard shell combined with a thick lip around front but again for.

Those who love all things naked the speaking ultra hybrid s is the runner up it’s a hard shell clear back so we can be sure.

Everyone knows you’re part of the herd along with this another metallic stand albeit slightly smaller.

This one is spring-loaded and can.

Only be held in a single position but it does the job just fine plus the magnet closure is just fun to fidget with the case is fairly slim buttons are clicky but also offer pretty thick lips around the camera and the front screen my night with the air pocket corners it could take a bit of abuse when it’s not propped up before our Netflix and chill sesh now for those who want to dedicated clearcase I’m going with a new.

OtterBox traction series it’s really the speckled rubber edge that takes it home for me grippy textured and I think it looks pretty awesome ignore.

The pop sucker wall attachment now but they have this thick piece of clear plastic around back to show off all things iPhone it just feels really good to hold and it has been my go-to case since I’ve received it hence the wallet attachment I highly recommend popping into an Apple store and feeling one for.

Yourself because that’s the only way you’ll understand how it feels the case is typical OtterBox fashioned take everything lip around the camera enough rubber you won’t need one tonight and plenty to keep your screen lifted to inside they’ve integrated air pockets throughout the edges an effective drop production solution without adding on excessive bulk it just works and why I’ve trusted it as my daily driver for the past few.

Weeks this is probably oughta box to Silva’s case as well and in my opinion it’s the best they’ve made to date runner-up is one of my previous favorites but still in my rotation of daily cases the catalyst impact protection case has a similar hardshell clear back and it does.

A damn good job at showing it all off they have this truss cushioning pattern and their edges and I can confidently say it can take a beating after my dedicated review of it it doesn’t have the best camera coverage though the buttons are textured but not raised and they’ve got this fancy twist mute button it makes it really easy and fun to twist but may annoy the person next to you the best part are these soft matte flat edges they make holding this so much easier.

Especially considering the edges are smooth although not a thick case to begin with this was my daily driver before the OtterBox traction series but I’d still trust my iphone in this any day grip cases are the most universal for anyone because we all sort of suck at holding things the best in.

My opinion goes to the silk based grip for this all around.

Sandpaper texture feeling around the edges.

Of the case it’s just a flexible thin piece of rubber otherwise matte texture all around and a fairly thin case too you can feel confident holding this case and it doesn’t crease up so it doesn’t feel like you’re holding a slimy phone the rest of the.

Case is simple buttons covered the lenses raised to but it’s not super protective which i think is fine because it’s so grippy the point is you’ll never drop it it does have a decent screen link though and even comes with a free screen protector nothing special but something is better than nothing and that’s what makes this my favorite grip case value it’s affordable comes with.

Exactly what you need a case to keep you covered and not drop your damn phone my runner-up although costing more is another one of my trusted go-to cases the speck Presidio crypt series because when it says grip in a title.

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