Big Deal On Amazon: Kindle Countdown Deals And Amazon’s New Kindle First Service

Two back-to-back announcements offer benefits for reading buffs on Amazon Kindle. Amazon’s new Kindle First service lets you choose one book from the four editor picks for the month for $1.99, one month ahead of their actual release on the store. Amazon Prime members can grab the book for free. There’s still more to be gained with the launch of Kindle Countdown Deals which makes a Kindle eBook available for a steep discount; albeit for a short time.

You don’t need to be a Kindle owner as both offers are available across devices with Kindle apps installed on them. The Kindle First Service and Kindle Countdown Deals are great for inveterate readers. While the former might not showcase A-list bestsellers anytime soon, you can get to choose selected new titles across multiple genres and keep your digital bookshelf stocked up. The Kindle First Service for now is available to U.S. customers only.


Kindle Countdown Deals are limited time discounts on Kindle eBooks. The sale page will feature a bubble that counts down the minutes until the deal expires. A little note about the pending price increase also tells the customer what they stand to lose by purchasing the book at its list price. This Amazon feature is more like a sale that gives authors and publishers another way to push through sales of a Kindle exclusive book. They set incremental pricing which will change at decided intervals. Find out more about Kindle Countdown Deals on Amazon.

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