Big First Name: Create and Print Good Looking Nametags

If you are about to host a party or meeting where people will not know most of the other attendees then nametags for the attendees are a great idea. Here to help you easily print these nametags is a web service called Big First Name.

Big First Name (BFN) is a wonderful web tool that lets you easily create nametags. After you have created an account on the site and activated it, you can log into BFN and select the size of your nametags. Next you select a design and preview it with sample data.

Once your nametag design and size have been selected you can proceed to typing in the names of people who the tags will be for; you can either manually type in each name individually or simply upload a file that contains the attendees’ information. With everything set you can download a printable PDF that includes the nametags. All that is left then is to cut up the nametags from the printed document.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create nametags.
  • Provides you with various designs.
  • Lets you upload a file containing names of all meeting/party attendees.
  • Lets you print out a PDF with all the nametags on it.

Check out Big First Name @

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