Bitehunter: Find Daily Dining Deals & Discount Offers in Your Area

BiteHunter is a handy web service which gathers daily deals, discounts on different restaurants, coupons and more. The website is integrated with Google Maps and displays daily deals on the map, so you can see whether any restaurant in your area is offering something special (e.g discounts, offers, etc) or not.

dining deals discounts

Clicking on the restaurant will display the latest deals along with the location of the restaurant. You can track daily deals, offers, happy hour deals, discounts and more everyday. The search engine even shows you “specials” on menus of different restaurants, so you might find something you just love to eat.

Even if you can’t find the deal you are looking for on the map, you can search for any cuisine you like, for example: Cuban, Chinese, and Japanese, etc. along with the location in which you are looking for. It will show you all the deals and offers available in the selected area.

The service has an application for iPhone users as well so that they can search for deals on the go.


  • Real-time updates about daily deals, discounts.
  • Free to use with no registration required
  • Available on iPhone
  • Available in US only.
  • Similar tools: Snoopf, RestaurantCoupons, KidsMealDeals, UEatCheap and KidsEatFor.

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