Biteslide: Create & Share Free Online “Slidebook” Presentations

A slidebook is apparently the same as a presentation, except it lives online and can be easily shared with other people via the Web. As these are displayed and shared online, interactivity is important rather than a plain old presentation which is controlled by the speaker alone. Many lecturers and teachers put presentations online, but a slidebook is designed online for an online audience – and Biteslide is one such example of a service.

create free online presentations

Aimed primarily at teachers and other educational uses, Biteslide is a premium service with a good free option that allows educators to design and distribute interactive presentations online. It’s easy to use, with a lot of tools at the creator’s disposal and the free model allows the creation of one project which can be shared with up to 15 students.

One of the key “selling points” of this method of teaching is engaging students effectively, something the creators think Biteslide accomplishes.


There are several styles of slidebook to create – collage, portfolio, moodboard, scrapbook and album, each of which can contain text, images, clips from the web and an unlimited number of slides. Powerful research tools make it easy to grab clips from the web to drop straight into presentations and even integrate YouTube videos into your teaching.


  • Create slidebook presentations which students can view and interact with.
  • Free option allows for 1 project with up to 15 students interacting with it.
  • Powerful research tools for grabbing web clips, images and videos.
  • Several different styles to create from a very easy to use interface.

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