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wordpressThe iron law of blogging is “keep the content coming” – it’s kind of similar to the old mantra of academia: publish or perish.

Blogging is performed in many different ways, at different times, and in different places. A website-anchoring major post which requires lots of research, careful writing, extensive revision and obsessive polishing is probably best performed in quiet and private (we hope), where the blogger has peace and access to all her reference and research materials.  On the other hand, the typical daily post, a few hundred words of a more casual, maybe ephemeral, nature can be written in a diner.

Then come the obvious candidates for mobile: live-blogging at a convention, show, or seminar; news-blogging on events of the day; and the “Holy Cow…you guys gotta see this!” photo-blog which suddenly appears anywhere, indoors or outside. Or the blogger wants to travel light: leave the laptop at home and post the travel-blog written on the road from a mobile.

WordPress For iPhone 2.0

For bloggers who use WordPress, either with or on self-hosted sites (version 2.7 or higher only), the newly freshened WordPress for iPhone 2.0 App will make a useful addition to their bag of tricks – an easy way to blog from your iPhone. It’s the only app for working with WordPress on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Also,Wordpress for iPhone is an Open Source project so interested developers can join in on the project.

Comments, for example, need to be moderated and answered quickly and thoughtfully, and the writing is often on-the-fly. WordPress for iPhone 2.0 starts up on the Comments tab; that’s the most common expected use for the mobile application. A mobile app is really ideal for this, since you can do your comment-processing at times that might otherwise be empty: travel time, waiting time at the dentist’s office, or sitting in a traffic jam.

WordPress for iPhone 2.0 is very simple to set up and use. Download the free application, fire it up and enter the blog address, user name and password. The app validates the blog that’s entered and it’s all set to go. Multiple blogs can be edited.

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blog on iphone

The Comments tab can show all or only pending comments. Comments can be approved, unapproved, set as spam, or deleted.

blog on iphone

The Posts tab lists all existing posts (including drafts), and allows creating new and editing existing posts, adding tags, categorizing, and setting publication status. Its modes are Write, for creating new content; Comments, which shows a comment list filtered by the Post; Photos, for adding photos to the post, either from the iPhone’s photo library, or directly from the camera; Preview, letting the blogger have a look at her new post; and Settings, which include Publish date, optional Password, and Resize Photos, which is off by default (resized photos will publish faster but show smaller).

blog on iphone

The Pages tab lists all the blog’s pages. New pages can be written, photos added to pages, and publication status set.

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They’ve added some nice new features which make using WordPress for iPhone more pleasant, secure and convenient. Gravatars (globally recognized avatars) and authors’  URLs now show in the comment list. WordPress for iPhone now stores passwords in the iPhone’s Keychain for secure, hands-free backup. It also automatically now saves posts if the network connection gets interrupted while publishing, and restores them when it reconnects, which is a lifesaver for mobile bloggers. And if you’re dealing with multiple blogs, opening in the blog last used is handy behavior, too.

We’d all like to have the ability to do mobile audio or video blogging.  They have plans to add these features in a future release. (Remember, this is Open Source, so interested parties can join in the fun.)

Now I’m looking for any excuse to go on the road and do some blogging!

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Do you use WordPress for the iPhone? If so, what do you like / dislike about it?   What new features would you like to see in a future release?

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