Blosics – A Physics Game That Happens To Be FUN!

bloHeadSometimes the day gets to be too much for me with hundreds of requests coming in and I can’t keep up.  When that happens you might think I need to kick into overdrive and double my output. Um but it does not work that way. I need to clear my head and relax for a few minutes to decompress and then I can go back at it full force ahead.

So my diversion today was a little game called Blosics. It is billed as a fun Physics game or, as they put it, where blocks meet physics. But do not let that fool you – it is fun and maybe you can learn a little physics while you are at it – but probably not! Let’s take a look at this awesome game. Navigate on over here and let’s get ready to play!

Once you get there you will see the following screen. You can run through the tutorial or jump right into the game. I will show you the tutorial and how to play quickly so you can dive right in.

fun physics games

You have a structure on your left side and you use the big green ball to fire projectiles at it to knock it down. Think about it as a reverse game of Jenga. You click on the green ball and drag the mouse in any direction. It acts like a rubber band, the longer you hold it or pull it the harder it will snap back. You will see the numbers incrementing as you hold it to show you the power behind it. You can hit the spacebar to cancel the shot. Shooting costs points. You can go into the negative numbers on points.


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Your goal of this fun physics game is to throw blocks off of the stage. Hitting green blocks will get you points and hitting red blocks takes points away. So the easiest solution may not be the best points-wise. Are you feeling me?


There are three different types of platforms and they react differently to your hits. They are stone, rubber and ice. You can guess how they will react. (For example rubber bounces and ice slips and slides”¦

fun physics games

In the shot below you can see me clicking and dragging the mouse to the right and up. I have held it for the count of 30. When I release it – it will knock down the blocks it comes in contact with. Strictly adhering to the laws of physics.


Blocks can knock into each other and off the board as well as falling as a result of direct impact.

cool fun physics game

Your target score is in the upper right hand corner of your screen. It is the second number and shown as 100 in the screen shot below. After you hit the mark you can click next in the lower right hand corner.


And to drive home how much fun this physics game is I have included a video from YouTube that will show you exactly how much time of yours this will waste!

Do you have a favorite online free game? We would love to hear from you in the comments! Share your favorites with us!

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