Bontq: Easy Project Management For Programmers

Programming tasks that involve a lot of people can be very tough, especially when coordinating with teams in tracking the progress of a project. Bontq is a project management tool  that helps programmers coordinate with their project teammates by letting them track bugs, tasks, and feature requests for a current project. Bontq publishes these reports so that members are informed of the current development of a project.

project management for programmers

To use Bontq, signup for an account wherein choose a subdomain where you can track all of your projects. After making an account, just login to the subdomain that you specified and start adding bug reports, tasks, and feature requests for a project.  Furthermore, you can launch the Bontq desktop application from the panel to capture screenshots and attach them to your current items, right from your system tray.

Bontq ensures that every people in your programming team are well-informed and well-coordinated about progress of a project, thus assuring its success.

project management for programmers

Bontq is current available as a private beta. However  Guys at Bontq have provided quick sign-up link for MakeUseOf  readers.  To register and get started go here.


  • Coordinate and manage programming projects using reports.
  • Track bugs, tasks, feature requests.
  • Add companies.
  • Manage users for particular projects.
  • Search for items.
  • Rate the priority level of the items.
  • Add wiki documents for projects.
  • Add files from Google Docs.
  • Desktop application lets you easily capture screenshots and attach them to the items.
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Check out Bontq @

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