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Get adventures everybody welcome to episode 5 of books cubed reads reviews and rants and I haven’t had a rant yet but I feel one building so that should be soon and I think reviews might end up becoming interviews since I don’t really interview books per se I seem to talk more with the authors so um we’ll see what.

Next week says does it still work in progress people ok so I’m gonna look at comments we have comment from last week’s show I read.

From a work in progress tentatively titled what is it tentatively titled oh yeah four bullets and a ghost so it’s tentatively time for bullets and ghosts and it’s paranormal.

And there might be a little romance and there’s detectives and there’s all kinds of good stuff in it so I’ve read chapter 1 so you can go listen to that after you’re done with this one here and mal wrote amazing writing thank you do you find yourself unconsciously setting the scene with the same weather or season you’re actually in um it’s a good question for what I wrote for.

What I read last week I did set it in the city I was living in just because I lived there and I liked the city takes place in Tucson and the next book I’m writing which I’m currently writing at the same time is how to square your grouper which is a sequel to had a sexier snake and the sequel takes place in Key West where I want to be I lived there for two years and my favorite city that I’ve ever lived in Toronto’s.

My favorite city I’ve visited but but Key West is my favorite city to live in and maybe one day I’ll go back maybe maybe not we’ll see so um thanks for the comment and I don’t like I said I don’t think I don’t think I’d do it consciously maybe I do it’s probably more where I’d like to be I’m researching a book that I’m gonna write.

In Italy a little town Italy so I probably need to go visit it for that I keep hinting to my husband that a visit to Italy’s probably an order sometime in the next year for that book research you know for the book so if you have any comments go ahead and leave them I’m putting the show up a couple days early it’s the 23rd so this won’t go live until whatever Thursday.

Is so if you ever come in between now and then I’ll just I’ll get to it next week so today I am talking to Tk lawyer who writes paranormal romance so there you go so I think you’ll enjoy the talk and before I get to that you.

May have noticed no glamour yeah no glare I figured out how to get rid of the glare I was bitching about it last week I almost had a rent last week about the about the glare on my glasses I didn’t really qualify but there’s a.

Little button on the keyboard that makes the screen brightness go down and backed out rid of the glare on my glasses and why didn’t I think of that oh well well so anyway.

Onto TK’s interview and I’ll see you afterwards okay okay so here in with Tamara and that’s how I say.

It right yes got it you got it also known as TK lawyer and this is one of her books and sure Ian make sure I’m not covering any of the good parts and so you write it’s paranormal but I keep wanting to call it angel romance because if I go out romance.

I found 50,000 things came up googling into romance on Amazon yes so I should I should call you paranormal though paranormal romance paranormal romance but I write about angels and I also write about wolf.

Shifters that’s the other one that was gonna say yeah to make sure we mention that bed at the end there so um I don’t try something new as I’m talking to you and to my reap my listeners and readers that we listen to.

Interviews all the time and it’s always the same.

Questions how do you write where do you write how do you come up with your ideas it’s always the same things that we authors are asked over and over and over again.

So I was doing a little googling and I found a site that had a list of 50 unique questions to ask authors and you can actually use it for a lot of different professions if you’re interviewing somebody so what I did was I asked tomorrow to take a look at the.

List and pick out five that she would like to talk about so this way will they’re a little bit more about her so the first one was and this is a good one I like this question does a big ego help or hurt writers well I I think a big ego doesn’t help you at all in life to begin with so you know in the writing world.

There’s a lot of authors out there so it’s really hard to become known to gain a fan base you know and you really got to work with others you know I think really just in general and in life you got to.

Work you got to play well with.

Work well with others you know you can’t leave here and often a lot of new writers are under the misconception.

That other writers are competition and they’re really not even if they’re in your same genre readers are always looking for the next book if they like book in a lifetime then yeah they’re.

Big competition but other writers are not competition at all right what I’ve learned and I love it is that authors are readers too you know I mean you really don’t want to dismiss anyone to begin with I mean you really don’t.

But you know and that’s that’s why I think it’s really it’s sad that you know I hear stories about authors you know saying bad things about other authors or just missing them.

Or giving them for rabies or stuff like that why why would you even do that why it’s not it’s not good to do oh are you still there don’t ya I don’t get your face but we’re still here okay I got the low battery mode oh that’s not.
Okay we’ll have to make this quick.

Yeah you know what I’m going to need to but I need to go get my charger okay help me do that okay I’m so sorry I’m gonna cut this and we’ll come back to her it’ll be instantaneous I forgot we were.

Talking about okay yeah about you go you know when it comes to being a writer like I said you got to.

Work well with others you really do and you will find in the writing community especially the indie community people want to.

Help others so you know you want to help others as well you form bonds you form relationships you can help others it can help you you know it’s like you said it’s not a competition and I just I’ve always been the type of person that I like to help others you know I even do that in my.

Day job so so I just think that having a big ego it’s not it’s not gonna do anything to.

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