Books Hidden From The Bible Now Unlocked And Revealed (2018)

It says in the end of Revelation it says he who is wicked continue to be wicked you know he was good continue to be good so any case and from that time the daily soccer so I’m just be honest with you right here there’s a lot of different.

Interpretations out there right now and I can tell you that I’m not one of them that understands.

This very well I just don’t and from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away and.

The abomination that maketh desolate set up there should.

Be a thousand two hundred and ninety days blessed is he that waiteth and.

Cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days but go that way Daniel I’m sorry but go thy way till the end be for thou shalt rest and.

Stand in thy lot at the end of the days so we’re gonna talk about.

Why did yo seal up the scripture so this is 2nd as just chapter 14 and this is Ezra’s concern to restore the scriptures then I answered and said let me speak in thy presence Lord for behold I will go as thou hast commanded me and will reprove the people who are now living but who will warn those who will be born Hereafter for the world lies in darkness and its inhabitants or without light for thy law has been.

Burned and so no I’m sorry and so no one knows the things which have been done or will be done by thee so just real quick just a little bit of context this is after the desolation.

We learned through Baruch that the the the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy vessels were actually hidden by the angels before the the tent before the temple was destroyed but apparently all the scriptures were left and were destroyed so at this point the people could only know the truth they can only know what to do through prophets like Ezra because there was no written word so here he’s saying you know III can tell them but.

You know what about you know people after after me you know no one there’s no one there’s no scriptures for them to read so here verse 22 if then I have found favor before they send the Holy Spirit into me and I will write everything that has happened in the world from the beginning.

The things which were written in thy law that men may be able to find the path and that those who wish to live.

In the last days may live so this is really interesting talking about the things that were written in law that men may be able to find the path and that those who wish to live in.

The last days it may live he was concerned about us I like Ezra he answered me and said go and gather the people and tell them not to seek you for 40 days but prepare for yourself many.

Writing tablets and take with you Syria debris ax salami ax II thermos and a seal these five because they are trained to write.

Rapidly and you shall come here and I will light in your heart the lamp of understanding which shall not be put.

Out until what you are about to write is finished and when you have finished some things you shall make public and some you shall deliver in secret to the wise so this is already a hint of what’s going on so whether I.

Do something know yeah sorry all right here already God is saying that some of.

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