Books Hidden From The Bible Now Unlocked And Revealed (2018)

The some of the writings will be made public and some you should deliver it in secret to the wise tomorrow at this hour you shall begin to write continuing this is again ii has verse 14 then i went as he commanded me and i gathered all the people together and said.

Hear these words over israel at first our fathers dwelt as.

Aliens and need and they were delivered from there and received.

A lot of life which they did not keep which you also have transgressed after them then land was given to you for a possession in the land of Zion but you and.

Your father’s committed iniquity and did not keep the ways which the Most High has commanded you and because he has a righteous judge in due time he took from you what he had given and now you are here and your brethren are farther in the.

Interior just real quick because the the the Judeans they were arriving in.

Waves so some were already in back it had returned back.

To Jerusalem some were still in Babylon if you then will.

Rule over your minds and discipline your hearts you shall be kept alive and after death you shall obtain mercy for after death that judgment will come when we shall live again and the names of the righteous will become manifest and the deeds of the ungodly will be disclosed but let no one come to me now and let no one seek me for forty days so just finishing up here so this is the restoration.

Of the scriptures again all the scriptures were burned before beforehand with a destruction of the temple so this is where they restore all the scriptures all the stuff moses had written was.

All destroyed so now Ezra’s gonna write him again so I took the five men as he commanded me and we proceeded to the field and remain there and on the.

Next day behold a voice called me saying Ezra open your mouth and drink what I give to you to drink then I open my mouth and behold a.

Cup full I’m sorry a full cup was offered to me it was full of something like water but its color was like fire and I took.

It and drank and when I had drunk it my heart poured forth forth understanding and wisdom increased in my breast for my spirit retained its memory and my mouth was open and it was no longer closed and the most high gave understanding to the five men and by turns they wrote what was dictated in characters which they did not know they sat 40 days and wrote during the daytime.

And ate their bread at night as for me I spoke in the daytime and was not silent at night so during the forty days 94 books were written 94 books you guys remember suppose and sisters 94 books were written and when the 40 days ended the Most High spoke to me saying make public the 24 books don’t you remember.

This to make I shouldn’t highlight this make public the 24 books that you wrote first and let the.

Worthy and the unworthy read them okay so he right here the Most High is saying what books.

Are gonna be made open to the public and then listen here but keep the 70 that were written last in order to give them to the wise among your people for in them is the spring of understanding the fountain of wisdom and the river of knowledge and I did so so again this is not a plan of evil men the Most High said 24 books which you’re gonna see this actually held true this is a hate this is kind of a prophecy that held true even to right now.

You’re gonna say you’re sitting yourself there saying well we have more books than 24 in the Old Testament watch and see I’ll show.

You just a second but apparently the Most High said there’s 70 other books so anyways moving on so just real quick for those of you back basing okay Adam.

How can we trust second heads just again if you’ve been on this channel for quite some time you know second Ezra is Holy Spirit from.

The most high but for we have to be long-suffering with all our brothers and sisters because people are waking up every day and we have a lot.

That are new in Yeshua that are here with us all the time so even if 95% of us know this already we have to be we have to make sure that everybody understands us so what you’re seeing right here on the left this is just a little screenshot I took this is the apocryphal book list of the 1611 King.

James and it was first Ezra second has just Toby Judith and many more so second Ezra was included in the 1611 it discusses the fourth beast and concurs with Daniel so it coincides I’m sorry it also coincides chronologically with Ezra Jeremiah and Nehemiah without second Ezra so we wouldn’t know how the scriptures were written after the destruction what I just wrote read for you and then what i’ma show you in just a second Yeshua.

Jesus quoted from it directly so I’m gonna show you that here just right now excuse me can I drink a little bit so I’m gonna read real.

Quick second Esdras chapter 1 26 through 34 and I’m going to read the very same passage in Matthew 23 when you call upon me I will not listen to you for you have defiled your hands to the blood and your feet are Swift to commit murder it is not as though you had forsaken me you have forsaken yourselves as the Lord thus says the Lord Almighty have I not entreated you as a father entreats.

His sons or a mother her daughters or a nurse.

Her children that you should be my people and I should be your God and that you should be my sons.

And I should be your father I gathered you as a hen gathers her brood under her wings but now what shall I.

Do to you I will cast you out for my presence when you offer oblations to me I will turn my face from you for I ever ejected your feast days and your New Moon’s and your circumcisions of the flesh I sent to you my servants the prophets but you have taken and.

Slain them and torn their bodies and pieces their blood I will require of you says the Lord thus says the Lord Almighty your house is desolate I will drive you out as the wind drives straw and your sons will have no children.

Because with you they have neglected my commandment and have done what is evil in my sight now Matthew passage you’ll recognize some you’ll recognize some verses but in the next slide I’ll kind of show you side-by-side.

Comparison going through this real quick because I know most of you already know this but so this is Yeshua himself speaking wherefore behold I send unto the prophets and wise men scribes and some of them you shall kill and crucify and some of them you shall scourge in your synagogues and persecute them from city to city that upon you may come all.

The righteous blood shed upon the Earth from the blood of the righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias whom you slew between the temple and the altar verily I say unto you all these things shall come upon this generation o Jerusalem Jerusalem thou that killest the prophets and stonest them.

Which are sent unto thee how often I would have gathered thy children together even as a hen gathers her chickens on her wings and you would not behold your house is left unto you desolate for I.

Say unto you you shall not see me henceforth till ye shall say blessed is he that cometh in the name of yahuwah so real just to show you this is on this side as second has dress one this side is.

Matthew 23 so in the yellow you have defiled your hands with blood and your feet are Swift comer commit murder right here where for I behold I send to you prophets and wise men scribes and some of them you shall kill and crucify and some of them you shall scourge in your synagogues and then we’d saw I already saw this that all the the righteous blood is on them and right here I sent you my servants.

The prophets same thing over here and then really clearly I don’t know why this isn’t green really clearly.

Hen gathers her brood under her wings how often I.

Would have gathered thy children together even as a.

Hen gathers her chicken on her wings and you would not then over here on his dress that says the Lord Almighty your house is desolate behold Matthew 23 behold your house is left unto you desolate so hopefully you can see if if it’s not clear I just pray that you pray your father to our Father excuse me and have him show this to you but just wanted to put that in perspective and show you that second s.

Just can be trusted okay so now remember remember over here where we at right here remember it said make public the 24 books so let’s talk about the Hebrew to knock this is what we call the Old Testament the.

Old Testament that the Hebrew to knock is 24 books it counts the twelve minor prophets as one such as like first kings and second our and I’m sorry so the counts the minor prophets is one so like Joel Obadiah amos Jonah what those are all called the minor prophets in our.

Book those are each a separate book but in the ax Tanakh those are all considered one book and then books like 1st and 2nd Kings.

First and second chronicles those are all considered one book or first.

Kate first and second Kings as one book first and second chronicles are one book so what this means as second has just came true this means that also 70 books have been concealed and.

Just I want to show you this real quick this is the ISA beckons zoom in here 24 books which is what Yahoo s said will be made public you can see that the law the five books here the former prophets Joshua judges and you can see how first and Samuel is one book first and second Kings is one bow you had the the major prophets and you can see right here.

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