Books Hidden From The Bible Now Unlocked And Revealed (2018)

Like all the Minor Prophets you can see this is 13 that’s considered one book and oops of course.

I can do I was going to do that I am NOT doing too low here and you can see down here so this all adds up to 24 books which is the very same is.

What we have in our Old Testament which is 39 books so the Old Testament is the Tanakh it’s just broken up into 39 books in our version and was 24 in the Tanakh so brother the sisters it.

Came true alright Lumino so has this happened before has scripture been hidden before let’s turn to 2nd Kings 22 this is the story of this is the chapter of Josiah okay so second Kings 22 Josiah was 8 years old when he began to reign and he reigned 30 and 1 years in Jerusalem.

And his mother name was Jedediah the daughter of a daya of both cough and he did that which was right in the sight of the Lord amen and walked in all the way of David.

His father and turned on a side to the right hand or to the left it came to pass in the 18th year of King Josiah that the king.

Zalaya the son of miss ulam described.

To the house of the Lord saying go up to hill Kai the high priest that he may some the silver which is brought into the house of Lord which keeps which the keepers of the door have gathered of the people and let them deliver it into the hand of the.

Doers of the work that have oversight of the house of the Lord and let them give it to the doers of the work which is in the house Lord to repair the breaches of.

The house under the carpenters and builders and masons and to buy timber and hewn stone to repair the house so just real quick we have the the scribe it was going to be sent to the high priest to go gather.

Some silver to pay the laborers because they’re gonna repair the house the Lord 4 7 howbeit there was no reckoning made with them of the money that was delivered into their hand because they dealt faithfully and.

He’ll Kai the priest said in the shop found this scribe I have found the book of the law in the house of Lord this is the book of Deuteronomy by the way and how kaya gave the book to chiffon and where he read it and chiffon the scribe came to the canyon.

Brought it to the King word again and said thy servants have gathered the money that was found in the house and have delivered it into the hand of them that do the work that have the oversight of the house of Lord and chiffon the scribe showed the king saying.

Chi the priest hath delivered me a book and chiffon read it before the king and it came to pass when the King had heard the words of the book of the.

Law that he rent his clothes.

So he was like wow you know and I don’t know if any of you brothers.

And sisters have actually ever picked up the the book of.

Deuteronomy it is an amazing book it is absolutely amazing and so I can only imagine that the king of Judah was like whoa no wonder all these things have come upon our land because we’ve desecrated the law.

Of the Most High he didn’t even know this book existed so he rents his clothes and the king commanded he’ll cry the priests and he come the son of chiffon and Akbar the.

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