Books In The Freezer Wrap-up And Live Announcement

Hi friends and welcome back to camis corner and my books in the freezer read-a-thon wrap-up and announcement during the month of October the books in the freezer podcast was celebrating its one-year anniversary and to commemorate that Stephanie over at that’s what she read and Rachel at the shades of orange put together a read-a-thon where we could all celebrate.

In their excitement for two weeks from October 1st through October 14th the ladies put together five challenges in which you can combine several books up to five books to complete these challenges I’m going to call this a failed success let me explain so two weeks I.

Really thought I would have all five challenges in the bag as you know if you follow me here on my channel I have been undergoing a lot.

Of turmoil as of late with my recent passing of my cat of 17 years during the first three days of the read-a-thon was probably the worst of that cycle for us she was completely.

Dependent on me from morning till evening when she would wake up I would wake up so I was literally up and down five or six times out of the night so I was physically and mentally exhausted so.

The first three days of the challenge were shot it was solely focused on her and her well-being on October the fourth I made an appointment with the veterinarian as we were undergoing monthly checkups just to ensure if I could give her antibiotics shots or anything just to help make the process go.

A little bit easier and smoother on that day after undergoing all of the normal checkup it was discovered that she had lost a pound within a month and she was already very weak and emaciated and after what we had gone through the.

Previous three days I just made the executive decision that it was time it was the hardest decision I had ever had.

To make but she gave me four months four beautiful.

Months of trying and fighting and let me tell you she was a fighter it really was an eye-opening experience for me and it taught me a lot as a human being as a caretaker of animals and I wouldn’t have changed that experience for anything but of course with that was then followed by grief.

And I had a mourning period of a couple of days where I was just not present I just didn’t want to read I didn’t want to really interact with anyone I slept in for the first time in.

Just coming out of that dark place during the first week however I did manage to.

Read the first challenge book which was to read a book by a female author only because with some of the late nights that.

We were having I was up and I decided to just go ahead and pick.

It up thank goodness it was a short book and it was compared to poetry and that book is consumed to reduce to beautiful gray ashes now in my TBR video I did explain this book pretty thoroughly so as you know just to recap.

The writing is based on our author Linda D Addison’s personal experience of dealing with a divorce if you’ve ever gone through a divorce or a relationship that was you know a long period of time and had a heavy weight emotionally on you you’re definitely gonna be able to resonate with this book will resonate more strongly with women however it.

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