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I’m Carrie and we are the keepers of the books your online my brains and we are here with our third Halloween episode we are here with spooky creepy books for all ages mostly new with a few favorites mixed in we will start with young children board books and picture books the first one is vamp Rina these fantastic world.

I’ll lift the flap book now anything from a marina will work for Halloween but this one is just so cute now it has lots of pictures of different places that vamp arena visits and each one has several flaps to lift.

To show what’s hiding where you just can’t quite see em hmm llama llama trick-or-treat.

Vienna dude nee this is a very.

Cute series that some of you may be familiar with from picture but this one is a for book and it’s all about little llama and his first.

Trick or treat Mickey’s Halloween is a lift the flat book from Disney book group and you can come celebrate Halloween at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse how to catch a.

Monster this is super cute picture book you’ll find yourself dressing up as a ninja as.
You try to figure out how to catch a.

Monster Pinkalicious pink or a treat by Victoria Camp the power and pink feel goes out and a Pinkalicious must turn into pink girl to save Halloween monsters boogie Bimal re Berkner this is a super cute picture book that is done with for the song monster buggy the character in the book is a big green monster with big yellow teeth he it likes to months your buggy something you may have heard why Birkner if you haven’t heard the Laurie Berkner ban go discover because.

The super cute music for and your children Fancy Nancy candy Bonanza by Jane O’Connor it should be kidney boon anza yes this one Fancy Nancy is dressed as a Sugar Plum Fairy and she wants.

To have a fancy Halloween and this book includes trick-or-treating with some fancy words monsters love underpants by Claire Freedman there’s also an aliens love under pan and in dinosaurs love Underpants but this one’s for Halloween monsters of all shapes patterns and colors and styles.

Of Underpants including armored Underpants watches to eco about their fun little Halloween adventure.
With Underpants our big fluffy monsters.

Are gonna wear underpants for Halloween yep kids are going to love that right for your little ones who are trying to get potty-trained Pete the cat five little pumpkins by James Dean now you know the five little pumpkins finger play well here’s your version with Pete.

The cat I love the part where they the five little pumpkins roll out of sight on skateboards.
I hear there’s a little bit of.

A rock’n roll twist as well Oh creepy carrots by Erin Reynolds he also has one called creepy pair of underpants that might also work so this little bunny who loves his carrots but the carrots aren’t so fond of him and they are the pumpkin contest by Meredith rousu and.
Illustrated by yome this is a level one reader and.

Peppa pig’s play group is having a pumpkin contest and the pumpkin is just too big to move what will they ever do then we also have a DuckTales one since duck tails is really popular right now this is living mummies and another story tunnel of terror to vary Halloween stories you spook your duck tails crew and lovers at home of course.

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