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Bring Instagram To The Web With The Help Of Extragram

instagram appIf you love mobile photography, then you must have heard or used Instagram. This popular photo sharing app for iPhone stands out among other similar photo sharing apps because of its ability to post simultaneously to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare, or Tumblr), automatically add location data to photos, comment and like photos, and browse popular photos from users all around the world.

The most notable features of Instagram is its set of image filters. Users can quickly and easily transform their photos into retro-style images, like some old photos you would find inside a dusty shoebox in your grandma’s attic. But there’s something missing from this great app: a web interface.

The Extra To The Gram

The Instagram developer took a rather unusual way in answering the need for a website to expand the service. Instead of building their own site, they released their API and let others utilize it to create Instagram-friendly websites.

Since the API release, there have already been several websites created. One of them is Extragram. This is a service that will extend your Instagram experience out of iOS into the virtual world.

instagram app

Even though Extragram is aimed at Instagram users, and you will need your Instagram username and password to log in, those without an account can still enjoy the vast gallery of shared user photos. Just click the “Take a sneak-peek” link next to the “Sign In” button.

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instagram extras

Sneak-peeking will only give you the ability to view pictures, while signing in will give you more features like commenting, searching, and following others. When you sign in for the first time, you will be asked to authorize Extragram to access your Instagram account.

instagram extras

Three Viewing Modes

Similar to Flickr, one of the great things about Instagram is its large community (and their shared photos). But I think there’s a main difference between these two services – almost all Instagram users upload their photos to show them off to others. Or in other words, most Instagram users only share their best shots.

This collection of best shots is filtered further by user votes. The more “Likes” an image has, the higher that image will be in the “Popular” list. If you want to feast your eyes, Instagram’s popular list is the perfect place to do that. That’s why one of the main features offered by Extragram is the ability to view Instagram’s popular list.

There are three viewing modes available. The first is the simplest: “Grid” view.

instagram extras

The second is: “Filmstrip” view. This viewing mode will put one picture as a focus and gives you the ability to view and add comments to the picture.


The “Map” view lets you browse through pictures based on geographical location.


This view also allows you to search for a place and browse images taken around that area. You can also find people who took those pictures.


A Few Other Things

Another Extragram feature is the ability to view your own Instagram pictures. They are all available under the “My Photos” link.

02g My Pictures

Next to “My Photos” is the “Search” link. This feature is useful when you want to find images or Instagram users using specific search strings.

03c Search

As a bonus, the search feature will put a few random profiles under the search results and let you ‘discover’ other Instagram users.

03d Discover New Profiles

Click one of those random profiles and you can see his/her pictures, and then ‘stalk’ him/her by clicking the “Follow” button.

instagram app

After trying out Extragram for a while, I think that this service is a great way to extend your Instagram experience to the web. If you are an avid Instagram user, then Extragram is a must. However, Extragram is not the only Instagram extension out there. Check out our other article about Instagram-related web services.

Are you an Instagram user? Have you tried Extragram? Do you know of any other similar web services?  If so, please share using the comments below.

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