BugaWord: Shows just how bad machine language translation can be

BugaWord is a fun and crafty app that shows how bad machine language translation can be. To use this app, just enter a phrase and choose a language. Your phrase will be translated into your chosen language and then retranslated back into the original language. The goal of this tool is to find sentences translated into funny words that have nothing to do with the sentence that you entered.

machine language translation

Bugaword generates translations using the Google translation API with support of up to 42 languages.


  • Translate and retranslate phrases back to the original language.
  • Enter the phrase and click a flag to view the translation quickly.
  • Add comments after translating.
  • Uses Google translation API.
  • Support for up to 42 languages.
  • View users with highest scores.
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Check out Bugaword @ www.bugaword.com/en

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