Bump Adds Phone-To-PC Sharing: Bump Phone To Computer To Transfer Photos [Updates]

Do you use Bump a lot? Get ready, because now it’s even better. From now, not only can you bump devices to transfer your photos, you can bump computers! When you bump your phone with a computer, the photos you’ve chosen immediately get transferred to that computer. It’s like magic.

If you’ve missed it, Bump is a mobile app which makes it possible to share files and photos between devices simply by bumping them into each other. It uses your geo-location and some statistics to recognize your specific bump among millions of others. In order to bump photos onto your computer, all you have to do is bump the space bar with your device.

But it gets slightly more complicated than that. To start, head over to https://bu.mp/. You’ll need to download the Bump app for your phone, which is available free for both Android or iOS platforms. In the mobile app, choose the photos you’d like to transfer to your computer, and bump.

Bump works better if you let your browser use your current location, but it manages to work even without it if you’re persistent. If you’re worried about your space bar (for instance if your laptop’s keyboard is somewhat fragile), you don’t really have to bump your phone on it. Bump is looking for a bump on the device simultaneously with the space bar being pressed. I managed to bump the phone on the desk while pressing space, and that worked very well.

The first time you use Bump with your computer, you will have to connect your computer with your device and, once you do this, the photos will be magically transferred to the web interface. From there, you can drag them to your desktop, batch download them, get a link or share them on Facebook. Surprisingly, Bump works even better and faster than Dropbox for this purpose.

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Source: Bump Blog

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