Calepin: Host & Publish A Blog Using Dropbox

Unlike other platforms like Blogger or WordPress, Calepin is not a blog hosting solution. Rather, Calepin is a simple app that lets you use your Dropbox account to store blog posts and publish them online with a single click. Once you sign up for a Calepin account and link your Dropbox account to it, all you need to do is store your blog posts in plain text under a specific folder.

Then whenever you have a new post or have made changes to existing posts, click the Publish button on your Calepin account and all the posts will be published. Each post needs to include the date and title in a specific format but that’s all that’s needed. Since your blog posts are hosted by Dropbox, you can access them from anywhere.


  • Easily create and publish blog posts.
  • Uses Dropbox to host your content.
  • Choose a custom domain name and choose from different themes.

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