Captagram: Add Funny Captions To Instagram Photos

If you are bored at work, you tend to look for distractions to refresh you. The Internet offers many such distractions that lighten your mood. One such service that involves having fun with your photos is Captagram.

add caption to instagram photo

Captagram is a web service that utilizes images from the highly popular iOS and Android photo sharing service, Instagram. Images uploaded to Instagram can also be accessed online and shared with anybody who has the Internet. What Captagram does is let you check out these photos that have public access and let you add funny captions to them. Next to every image on Captagram you can view the captions box in the right pane.


Users need to log in using their Instagram account before they can add any captions. Adding captions does not alter the original photos at all. You can check out the popular photos on Captagram and click on them to begin adding captions.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you add funny captions to images.
  • Fetches images from Instagram.
  • Displays popular Instagram images.
  • Similar tools: InstaBG and Photopile.

Check out Captagram @ http://captagram.comĀ 

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