Celebrate YouTube’s Infamous Comments With YouTube Reacts [Stuff to Watch]

Want to hear YouTube comments read out loud? Of course you do.

In case you missed it, Google kicked up a stink by “cleaning up” the comments on YouTube last week. The comments section on the world’s most popular video site is infamous for its trolls, flagrant use of Caps Lock and mis-spelled idiocy in general, something today’s Stuff to Watch aims to celebrate.

YouTube Reacts takes the best YouTube comments from a variety of uploads, enlists an army of Twitter users to record said comments and collates them into one hilarious video. Laugh, rinse, repeat. Let’s take a look.

YouTube Reacts to Grand Theft Auto V

Source video: Grand Theft Auto V: Michael. Franklin. Trevor.

When further details about GTA V’s three-character system of play, massive open world and endless activities to complete broke shortly before the game’s release, much of the web went crazy. Two camps soon emerged – the bowled-over with anticipation “excited schoolgirl” types, and the “seen it all before, Vice City was better” naysayers who always seem to take it upon themselves to talk down the next big thing.

Top quote: “No glass shadows confirmed. Terrible game. 0/10 wouldn’t rent.”

YouTube Reacts to the 2012 US Election

Source video: Obama wins the 2012 Election

If there’s any one topic that’s going to bring serious debate and incredulous rage together it’s politics. Watch how YouTube reacts to Obama’s 2012 victory, with comments taken from the election victory speech video itself. You may lose a little faith in the electorate after you’ve heard just how some people truly feel when blessed with the veil of YouTube anonymity.

Top quote: “Barack Obama is a Anti-christ he going to create a chip that makes us do what he says and plus a chip has a symbol of a Satan.”

YouTube Reacts to Super Saiyans Are Real

Source video: Super Saiyans are Real

According to the Dragon Ball wiki, a “super saiyan” is an advanced transformation possible by powerful members of the “Saiyan” race from the animated Dragon Ball franchise. The source video here involves a young male who believes that he is also able to transform. To the point where he tries it, complete with music, on YouTube. As you can imagine, the comments mopped up from the original (no longer available) video were… “memorable” to say the least.

Top quote: “i know a kid who tried to fly with a broom when he first watched harry potter, now he is dead”

YouTube Reacts to Bill Nye on Creationism

Source video: Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

The metaphorical equivalent of pouring gasoline on a bonfire, uploading a strongly opinionated video about religion on the Internet is certainly one way to spark debate. This time round it’s Bill Nye’s skeptical look at creationism in schools and the denial of evolution, and YouTube reacts with full force as expected.

Top quote: “im stupid and im gonna believe in man in butterfly suit !! Where is Half-Life 3? mh?!”

YouTube Reacts to Facebook Parenting

Source video: Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen

I’d be very surprised if many readers hadn’t seen the source video of a father repeatedly discharging a firearm into his daughter’s laptop after a Facebook rant. The video attracted criticism, praise and lots of fierce debate all over the Internet – though very little intelligent debate took place over on YouTube, of course.

Top quote: “MAYBE THIS IS THE EQUIVALENT TO A SO CAL MOM MICROWAVING A KIDS I Phone YA DIG? And I’m sorry this is all in caps I just looked up and I don’t wanna retype it all.”

YouTube Reacts to Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown

Source video: Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown

Kristen Bell loves sloths, which is awesome. She went on the Ellen show to talk all about the first time she came face to face with a sloth, in which she is reduced to tears of overwhelming emotion and the fetal position. So of course, YouTube had a field day in the comments.

Top quote: “Here is the night! Your hell! Your hell!”

The Rest

You can watch the rest of YouTube Reacts (as well as a few Twitter Reacts and Facebook Reacts variations on the theme) over at the Shesellssheshells YouTube channel. If you find people reading YouTube comments hilarious, you should check out Adam Buxton’s unique style of comedy, as he was one of the original entertainers to use the practice.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of this series in the comments below.

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