Challenges Confronting Farming In Africa

One of the key differences between Asia and Africa is that Asian governments spend about eight times more money per farmer than African governments do on their farmers so it’s not surprising therefore that productivity growth in Asia is rising rapidly whereas Africa it’s not rising very much so one of the key upshots of this is that African governments really.

Need to invest more in agriculture R&D of to benefit smallholder agriculture this is not rocket science it’s really a matter of putting more resources into the technologies that make agriculture thrive it’s not just fertilizer and improved seed although those are super important.

That there’s great yield potential in improving seeds and in the United States every three years a seed becomes obsolete that’s how rapidly technology is evolving there because after three years there’s going to be a new seed variety that takes over that’s more productive many African farmers are using the same.
Seeds that they use 20 years ago so it’s.

A very slow rate of seed development and yield growth achieved from that another key part of technology is in management in the way that farmers manage their soils and the way that they crop rotations these things may not seem very sexy but they make a big difference about soil quality and the ability.

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