Check Out These 6 Sci-Fi Wikis To Kill Some Time On

sci fi wikiIn my spare time, I read a lot of wikis (I really need a more interesting life). Typically, what happens is that I’ll hear of a subject, find a wiki that covers that subject, and then I’ll end up reading the entire collection of articles for a long time.

Granted, I’m sure that at least some of you do it too, so I thought I’d share some sci-fi wikis with you. You may have heard of a few of these, but if you haven’t, they are worth checking out.


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With all the intricate details (and changes that George Lucas makes) to the Star Wars universe, it can be a little hard to keep up with who was the Padawan of who and which planet was home to which Jedi. Fortunately, with Wookieepedia – a rather well-known wiki – you can get all the nitty-gritty details that exist from here to Tatooine.

Unlike the aim of most rebel blasters, Wookieepedia seems to hit spot-on with every bit of information about Lucas’ space opera. As a note, Wookieepedia doesn’t cover just the movies – it goes into the Expanded Universe too.

Memory Alpha

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Trekkies, I was going to write something clever utilizing the phrase, “Beam me up, Scotty,” but then I realized the phrase isn’t actually canon. Speaking of canon, Memory Alpha is a comprehensive wiki of all things true to the Star Trek story arc.

With at least 33,494 articles held in the servers of Memory Alpha, you could spend forever reading up on the history and details of Star Trek. It also might be good to mention that the wiki includes data (pun intended) from all the TV shows, the films, and yes, the animated series.

The Firefly & Serenity Database

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Albeit not being an actual Firefly fan, I understand the importance of this show’s wiki being found on the list. Before you cry out accusations of blasphemy, I just haven’t got around to watching it. However, Justin says it’s the greatest science fiction series ever made, and you can actually watch it (among other shows) on Hulu. Granted, I need to as well when I get the time to sit and watch it!

Packed with information concerning the Firefly series, the Serenity film, and even the fairly recent Firefly Darkhorse comics, you’ll have a quite a bit of information packaged for you in the Firefly and Serenity Database. This wiki has about 789 articles, so you’ve got a lot of reading to do.

Off-World: The Blade Runner Wiki

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As a fan of Blade Runner, I was pleased when I discovered that there is an actual Blade Runner Wiki. Unfortunately, it’s really small  – 81 articles exist for the entire thing. However, it’s worth reading, and maybe you can help add onto it.

What I liked about this Sci-Fi wiki (and granted, mostly every wiki has it) is the information about the actual production of the film. With most wikis, you get a lot of information all about the characters, settings, and technology. However, this one goes into a lot of the behind-the-scenes aspects.

The Tardis Index File

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For all you Dr. Who fans, the Tardis Index File compiles (mostly) all the knowledge you need of the show’s universe. However, it doesn’t just stick with Dr. Who. It actually dives into its spin-off series – Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and K-9.

Founded in November 2004, the wiki has gathered about 26,570 articles generated entirely by the users. It’s definitely worth checking out, but with that many articles, you may find yourself constantly reading articles in a manner similar to TV Tropes.

The X-Files Wiki

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I really miss the X-Files and all of its supernatural/extraterrestrial/terrifying wonder. It was a genuinely cool show, and although the movies are also cool, I’d love to see it back on the air. With that being said, about the closest I’ve been able to get to the show as of late is the X-Files Wiki.

This wiki packages all the characters and stories from the X-Files (such as the Smoking Man and of course, the Lone Gunmen). Furthermore, it is a source reference for the show tie-in shows Millenium and… well… The Lone Gunmen.


What are the purpose of wikis? Well, they are technically used for reference and research. However, with these, it just seems like they are purely fun to read.

What kind of cool stuff did you find on these wikis? Do you know of any other awesome sci-fi wikis that we should check out?

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