ChemReference: Your Internet-Based Chemistry Companion

Remembering the periodic table of elements is never an easy task. There is such a wealth of information contained within, and most of it is incredibly important for chemists. If you need to get access to the information quickly, ChemReference is a fantastic web-based tool for you. It puts all the important chemistry information just a click away.

chemistry companion

When you visit ChemReference you will see a colorized periodic table. This is where you will navigate and look up the information on the different elements. When you see the element you want, simply click it, and you will see all the information you need on the right side of the screen.


You can also use this app to view all the elements that have certain properties. This is helpful for comparisons. For example, you could click “Hydrogen,” than click “Common Ions” from the menu on the right. This would show you all the elements that share an ion with Hydrogen. All elements also have a quick link to their Wikipedia page.


  • Easy to use periodic table full of information.
  • Find linked elements through various properties.
  • Handy link to Wikipedia page.
  • Optional Chrome extension.
  • Visual navigation for quick usage.
  • Similar tools: Chemcraft, WebElements and

Find ChemReference @ and the Chrome Web Store

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