Churnalism: Identify Copy Paste News Articles [UK Only]

Journalism has been commercialized so much that most of the news articles we read today are based on some other articles/press releases rather than being original pieces of writing. This method of journalism has been accurately titled as Churnalism by media gurus. The tool Churnalism helps you in identifying such instances.

When you copy paste at least 15 characters from an article, the tool searches over 3 million articles indexed from various British news sources and displays articles that share a lot of common attributes with your source. It tells you what percentage was cut and pasted and exactly how many characters overlap. You can also view a side-by-side comparison of two articles or share the comparison with friends via a permanent link.

identify copy paste


  • Identify copy paste news items [UK Only].
  • Quantifies the overlap in number of characters.
  • View a side by side comparison and share it.
  • No registration required.

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