Classic Retweet: Get a Classic Retweet Method [Chrome]

Do you remember the good old Twitter interface? I am talking about the interface that did not require all that extra typing and copy-pasting you do while you custom retweet somebody’s tweet on Twitter. That simple retweeting method was time saving and extremely convenient. Unfortunately the new Twitter interface has you tweet messages in their exact form and you are not able to modify them.

To retweet the old way, you must copy a tweet and then paste it in your tweet box and then add whatever piece of text you want. There are of course a few third party applications that offer the old retweeting method but there is a slight chance that your favorite third party Twitter client might be blocked by the network like Twitter killed TweetDeck. But here to come to your rescue by offering you the old retweet method from your browser is a tool called Classic Retweet.

classic retweet chrome

Classic Retweet is a free to use browser extension that is compatible with Google Chrome. The extension adds a new “Classic RT” button next to the retweet button on your Twitter interface. Clicking on this button opens up a new window that lets you retweet the old way and lets you add text with the tweet.

classic retweet

You can then add an image or a location with your retweet as well.


  • A user friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Lets you retweet the classic Twitter way.
  • Saves you the extra copy-pasting and typing.
  • Similar tools: TweetMakr, Retranstwitter and RoundTeam.
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