Cloak Camera Bag, SuperHeadz White Angel, SLR Pinhole Lens Giveaway by Photojojo


Although we’re (mainly) embracing the return of film photography in this month’s mega-giveaway, Photojojo has got some products that will make your battle with digital photography a little easier to manage and just a tad more creative than you would have ever imagined. What exactly am I talking about?

Read on to find out.

One of the majorly annoying things about owning a digital SLR is the fact that it’s pretty bulky and requires protection. I personally have a camera bag to keep my dSLR which also contains spare lenses, SD cards and other gear. But most of the time, I only require one lens. This is where the Cloak Bag comes is uber-handy. It’s essentially just a very thin sling case that opens up at the bottom to allow you to quickly flip it over and take a photo.


As advertised, the Cloak is better than a bag because you’ll never have to take your camera out to use it. It attaches directly to your camera using the screw attachment for tripods and has loads of access panels and zip openings to let you adjust the zoom or camera settings. It fits SLRs of all sizes and can accommodate zoom lenses up to 6″ in length. Or if you’re like me and only use a short wide-angle lens, the Cloak is able to fold up to just the right length.

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Have you ever been fascinated by pinhole photography? Isn’t it amazing that light passing through a tiny hole can result is such wonderful, dreamy images? If you’ve always wanted to dabble in pinhole photography, here’s an easy way to start! Photojojo is offering their SLR Pinhole Lens that you’ll easily be able to slap on any Canon or Nikon digital SLR and begin experimenting.


Despite its namesake, it isn’t actually a lens nor does it have a hole. It’s actually a dSLR body cap and in the middle, there’s a small sheet of opaque film with a tiny clear area that’s been cut by precision lasers to make a perfectly round pinhole. So if used correctly, no dust will ever enter your camera. Instead, all you get is a body cap that works like a pinhole with a focal length of 50mm at f/181 — that produces lo-fi, dreamy images. Genius.


Wondering what pinhole photography looks like? Check out these images:

Kitchen pinhole by Kevin Dooley


Untitled by Tristan Bowersox


And lastly, Photojojo also has the Ultra Wide and Slim (or better known as the White Angel). We’ve taken a look at this camera before in the FourCornerStore giveaway but allow me to quickly run through it again. It’s a reproduction of the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim which was discontinued before they realised that their cameras were exceedingly popular. The design was picked up by a Japanese company called SuperHeadz and they now make the Wide and Slim in an assortment of colours — each one with their own distinct name e.g. Black Devil, White Angel, Pink Dress, Blue Ribbon, etc.


It’s an all-plastic, manual film camera that doesn’t require any batteries to operate. Even the 22mm f/11 lens is made out of plastic and gives the images a very lo-fi look. The shutter speed is fixed at 1/125th of a second so you’ll do best to use ASA400 film. Ultimately, it’s a toy camera which you can throw around and still expect it to work. Plus, it’s a really cheap and affordable way of returning to the fun of film photography.

We’re giving away 2 Cloak bags, 2 Photojojo SLR Pinhole Lens and 2 SuperHeadz White Angels. Wouldn’t you want to get them?

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