Comfy Reader: Makes Webpages More Readable By Stripping Away Unnecessary Elements [Windows RT,8]

A typical webpage is heavy and not easy to read. It usually includes elements like images, videos, animations and ads on the page. The presence of these elements makes the webpage difficult to read especially if you are on the go – in a subway, outside or in an elevator. Thankfully, there are apps that strip out all the unnecessary elements of the page by leaving only text and basic formatting. If your preferred mobile device is powered by Windows, check out Comfy Reader.

It is an app for Windows 8 and RT platforms that makes reading articles from the Web more convenient and easy on the eyes. It strips away all of the distracting elements from the webpage and leaves only the actual content. It integrates with Windows and other apps that can share links including Internet Explorer, Mail application and others.

make web pages more readable

Once you open a webpage in a browser, click to share it to Comfy Reader. Comfy Reader saves the link and automatically save the page on your device for offline access. You can read the stripped out version right away by clicking “Read Now”. All the saved pages are arranged in tiles and categorized as “to be read” (unread webpages) and “read” (already read webpages). It has a simple interface and is easy to use. It is free and available for download from the Windows Store.

comfy reader


  • Read web pages comfortably, without the clutter.
  • Strips out unnecessary elements from the webpage – images, videos, animations and advertisements.
  • Automatically saves pages on your device for offline access.
  • Free app for Windows 8 and RT platforms.
  • Share interesting content with people directly from within the app.
  • Similar tools – TextOnly, Readable.

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