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Wordpress comments pluginThe blog is an interesting medium, don’t you think?  I still remember the days of the static web.  Back then websites were a one way communication.  If you wanted to know something, you probably ran a search and found a website.  That website hopefully would contain the information you needed.  That was about it.  The information was there for you to read.  There was no conversation.  There was no reply.  You just read.

These days, now that we have “Web 2.0″, everything’s different.  The Internet is more than just a one way communication.  Even mainstream websites have places where you can participate in the conversation.  The blog is a big player in the conversation going on online.  In a way, the goal of a blog is to create community and conversation.

There is a WordPress comments plugin that aims to help encourage the community bloggers want.  CommentLuv was created to reward commentors by giving them voice and promotion while adding much needed conversation to the blog.  Let me explain.

Wordpress comments plugin

What if I told you it was possible to add a link to the commenter’s latest blog post right at the end of each comment?  Cool, huh?  That means that if you visit my blog and comment on one of my posts, you’ll have the option to have a link to one of YOUR latest posts right there, in the comment section of MY blog!

The WordPress comments plugin takes the website address someone enters in the URL field and looks for a feed.  If a feed is found, it then offers to allow a link to one of the latest posts to be placed right after the comment.

Ads by Google

Wordpress comments plugin

As you can see, when Brett commented on my post about the Ow.Ly URL shortening service, he was rewarded with a link to his post on Google Wave.

This is cool because it’s a win-win situation.  The blogger gets conversation going on his blog and the commenter gets some publicity!  Let’s see just how easy it is to add such a plugin to a blog (for screenshots on installing a WordPress plugin, see the article on the FAQ Builder for WordPress).

  • Click “Add new” in the plugins menu in the backend of your WordPress blog.
  • Search for “commentluv” in the field provided.

The correct plugin should show up on the top of the list.  It’s the one by Andy Bailey.

  • Click install.  Easy enough, right?

Now you can go the CommentLuv settings page and tweak things the way you want.

CommentLuv also offers the option to register on their website.  This brings out some more features you may be interested in such as having a full profile set up and seeing comment stats.

I’ve been wondering if there is a way to find other blogs that also utilize the CommentLuv plugin and today I happened upon a solution.  There’s a CommentLuv search engine you can use to search for other blogs in your niche who also use CommentLuv.  This way you can comment on other blogs while leaving links to your latest posts!  Head over to and give it a shot.

So there you have it.  You CAN encourage your readers to interact and create a community.  In my limited experience this really works and those people who DO regularly comment on my blog appreciate the links.

Check it out today but remember to get the most use out of the plugin by installing it now, registering your profile on AND using the CommentLuv search engine.

How do you encourage community and interaction on your blog?  We’d love to hear your tips!

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