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compare wireless phone servicesIt happens to all of us. You sign up for a service – like cable or a cell phone – and you use it for months and months, only to find later on that you could have got a better deal. One of the easiest ways to save extra money is to cut down on your bills, but that usually means calling different carriers or researching online to find the best rates.

Back when we first covered BillShrink in our directory, it was solely for comparing phone plans. Even then we knew it was a very useful comparison site that could reduce bills and save you money. Well now you can save even more because BillShrink offers comparisons of not only cell phones, but credit cards, gas stations, CD rates, and even television.

In this article, I am going to cover all of BillShrink’s features, showcasing the various ways you can reduce your bills and save money with the service. Even if you’re locked into a plan or don’t currently want to switch, BillShrink has something you’ll find useful. Besides, it is always a good idea to know where you stand, as well as what the competition is when negotiating rates.

BillShrink – A Free Way To Save Money

BillShrink is an unbiased, independent company that allows you to compare different services and plans. It enables you to see how much you will save in real-time and provides you with links to various retailers so you can go and sign up for your new services quickly. You can also setup BillShrink to monitor plans and alert you when there are any new ways to save.

For an excellent overview of how BillShrink works, watch this Howcast video:

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You can also check out BillShrink’s Facebook page for more information. They have a very nice welcome tab, I must say.

Wireless Service

BillShrink has always incorporated wireless service into its features since – let’s be honest – wireless bills are where people tend to get screwed over the most. Pricing plans fluctuate so much between different plans and services, and a lot of the time you’re confused as to what you are actually paying for. It is especially tough when you consider that a lot of plans lock you into a 2 year deal.

compare wireless phone services

On BillShrink, just select the Wireless service tab, fill out your information (current carrier, current cost), and hit Go>>. BillShrink will then ask you for your usage information, which – in most cases – you can sign into your service provider and grant BillShrink access to the statistics.

After BillShrink has all the necessary information, you can begin viewing potential savings. You can enter your email address so the service remembers your settings, also.

Credit Cards

compare bank services

For credit cards its the same thing. Just select the information pertaining to your credit usage and hit Go>>. Then you will have to fill out a little more information to narrow down what you’re looking to accomplish with the service. Whether you’re looking to get a new credit card or are attempting to get your very first one, BillShrink can accommodate you.

Savings & CDs

compare bank services

BillShrink can also find you the best rates on Savings and CDs. After you fill out how much you could afford to save each month, BillShrink will search through hundreds of savings accounts, finding and matching you with the ones that best fit your saving profile. It also computes the amount you will earn in interest per year, minus fees.

Gas Stations

compare bank services

Finding the cheapest gas stations is something everyone should be able to take advantage of immediately. Enter in your most frequent destinations (i.e. home, work) and make/model of your car and BillShrink will find and display all of the cheapest gas stations in your area using Google maps.

Television Service

reduce bills

The television service feature on BillShrink is listed as beta, but there’s really nothing beta about it. To compare cable and satellite bills, enter in your address, current provider, and how much you currently pay to see how much you could be saving with an alternate service. BillShrink makes sure to only list the services available in your area, which I thought was pretty cool.


If you use BillShrink properly, you can potentially reduce your bills and save yourself a lot of money. It’s a pretty straight forward service and is generally very easy to use and navigate. BillShrink is definitely one of the sites I will be incorporating into my money-saving arsenal (along with Mint).

What do you think of BillShrink? Do you use any other online services to save money? Leave a comment below!

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